Enzo – 13 months!

super cheeseball

At which point do we stop stating their age in “months”?  Ah well, so the little goofball turned 13 months old yesterday.  We had a chill day, staying indoors due to yucky cold wetness outside.  And the fact that he is still trying to get over a lame cough and runny nose, and now I am sick with a cold as well.  So we snacked a lot, and practiced walking.  He is getting so good.  He will let go of your hand and try it on his own now without hesitation.  He does still prefer a hand to hold, but if he wants to get somewhere and he feels it’s a short enough distance that he can handle, then he’ll let go and head there.  I love to watch the confidence grow in him every day.  He is incredibly goofy and makes me laugh all the time.  I can’t wait until he starts actually saying things because I have a feeling he’s got some serious wit about him.

making a mess in the kitchen

We started him on a dairy free diet on the Saturday before last, in an effort to to try and treat his eczema.  He’s had dry patches on his legs and arms since he was a few months old, and I figured it was just dryness that he would grow out of.  But at his one year checkup I decided to bring it up with his doctor and she recognized it right away.  Sometimes it is caused by a soy or egg allergy, but since he doesn’t really get a lot of those two things then we decided to cut out milk first.  And we’ve seen a huge improvement.  It was getting to the point that he would scratch himself until he broke the skin if there was an area exposed.  I tried to put him in a t-shirt and pants jammy set one night and he went to town on his stomach.  Then one night last week the footie jammies he was wearing had gotten a little small and so the sleeves were shorter than necessary.  He scratched his left arm pretty good cause he could get to it.  I think he might even do this in his sleep, not even realizing.

young homie

I also picked up some lotion by Cetaphil with restoraderm, and since we started using that it’s pretty much gone completely away.  So now I’m not sure if it’s the lotion or the dairy-free diet.  But one thing is for sure, goat’s milk makes for some seriously SMELLY diapers.  Every now and then I will give him a regular yogurt (because holy cow (no pun intended) goat’s milk is expensive!) and the occasional handful of goldfish, and he doesn’t seem to have a reaction.  So I am thinking we might give it a few more weeks and then try to reintroduce dairy, and just keep the lotion going.

chillin' next to me on the couch, watching Ellen

He is also on a fruit only kick right now.  The only exception is noodles.  He won’t even eat potatoes, I KNOW!  SHOCK.  The boy who used to eat potatoes at every meal.  I don’t know how he does it either but he knows when I have something fruity to give him and when it’s a vegetable, before I even get the spoon to his face.  He prefers to eat finger foods still.  I’ve tried to introduce a few meats and he’s just not having it.

He loves to drum on things, especially if it makes a lot of noise.  His Daddy has been giving him pots and pans to bang on with wooden spoons this week, and he seems to think that’s the greatest thing ever.  It’s REALLY loud.  He also likes to sit in the pantry and get the coffee can and hot chocolate can off the shelf and play them like bongos.  I told him if he keeps it up I’m going to set him down at Saturday Market and he can earn some cash.  I see a drumset in our future.  And that’s fine, I love that he is already showing signs of musicality.

He consistently babbles and has a lot to say.  He likes to be the loudest one in the room talking.  He only says a couple of “real” words:  Mama, Dada, baby, bye-bye.

Being a stay at home Mom is hands-down the BEST job in the world.  I am very blessed.



My fun day!

Today was not a typical day in our house!  I started the day off by going grocery shopping, something I normally put off until the afternoon.  And I have to say, I was in super slow motion at the grocery store, going down every aisle whether I needed to or not.  And Enzo was super patient with me (the squeeze bottle of baby food, blueberry/apple, helped I’m sure) even though it was during his morning nap time.  And I was totally relating to my friend Kira’s blog post about “Portlander Problems” where she got caught in a downpour with groceries in a paper bag.  This is not good.  It was dumping when Enzo and I left the store, and for some reason I parked on a relatively slanted part of the parking lot (cause it was close to the door), not thinking through how difficult it would be to keep the cart from rolling while I was trying to load the kid in the car.  I unhooked him from the cart, turned to put him in his seat and I had this feeling that my cart was rolling away.  Sure enough I turned around just in time to grab it before it hit the car parked next to me.  Sheesh.  That would have been ugly.  So I stabilized it with my foot and then tried shifting bags of groceries from the cart to the back seat of the car.  All the while it’s raining like mad and my bags are getting soggier and soggier.  Thankfully, the clerk double-bagged everything so I didn’t have any blow outs.  But Kira, I was totally thinking about you while this was going on.

I thought I could get Enzo to nap when we got home, even though it was close to 11am at that point (he usually takes his first nap by 9:30am).  But to no avail.

At around noon, our friend Dan dropped off his adorable son Raine (7 months old) for me to watch for the afternoon.  Their sitter had a sick kid, and I was available (yay!) so I happily accepted their request to look after him.  I mean, seriously, look at this face…

smoochy smoochy!

…wouldn’t you say yes?

Raine is the easiest baby I have ever taken care of (including my own!).  He slept for two and a half hours (Enzo did not), so there wasn’t a whole lot of time for him and Enzo to play.  But they still had fun.  Enzo was showing him his toys and Raine was proving that tummy time is actually pretty awesome (he does the army crawl, and man he moves fast!).

"see, this is my car"


"hey Raine, are you sure this is fun?



The girls got home from school and the babies were in heaven.  And Mark and I got a taste of what four kiddos in the house is going to feel like.  It feels a bit cramped, I’ll be honest.  But it’s cool, we’ll make it work.

Why is Enzo so serious?

We made some homemade pizzas for dinner (Jiffy pizza crust mix is cheap and super good!) and then Dan came to pick up Raine.  Then it was time for Claire and I to rush off to volleyball practice.  It was a busy day, but it was a fun day.



Super chunk of cheese!












65 degrees and sunny!

Yesterday was so beautiful, we just couldn’t stay indoors.  I really had no idea how nice it actually was until I was putting Enzo in the car to head to a park and was sweating in my sweater!  I had to run in the house real quick and grab a t-shirt so I didn’t die.  And I also took his sweatshirt off of him because it was about 80 degrees in the car.  It was really nice to drive around with the windows down and I will admit to even turning on the A/C (hey, the fan on cold was not cutting it!).

We chose Laurelhurst Park as our destination because I knew it would be filled with lots of people, mostly families and I know the area relatively well.  I know it might sound silly, but I am just not as confident in our society as I used to be.  I didn’t want to be in a park that was so big that there might be a time when I was by myself.  And I wanted to be familiar with the layout.  I am sure it was really beautiful up on Mt. Tabor but I just don’t know that park well enough, and it’s huge, with lots of hills and trees and places where you might be out of sight from other park-goers.  I’m not taking any chances.  Too many crazy things happening in our world these days, unfortunately.

It was almost Enzo’s afternoon nap time but I figured the fresh air would do us both some good.  So I loaded up his bag with snacks, a football, some bubbles and a blanket to sit on.  We walked a few laps around the park (which felt really good on my legs, I definitely want to do more of that).  And then we settled in a little grassy area next to the duck pond and spread out our blanket.  I sat him down and got out his grapes and then took his picture.  And as I’m sending the picture to my Mom via text message, I look over and he has dumped the entire bottle of bubbles in his lap!  Ah well.  So he sat in suds and we enjoyed the next half hour of sunshine.  What a nut : )

eating his grapes


giving Curious George some kisses


playing with his football (from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Stephanie!)

It was a lovely time and we hope to make that a regular thing  But now the rain is coming back so it might be a week or so.  Meanwhile, my hometown is experiencing a drought and I would gladly give them some of our precipitation if I could!  I hope for the farmers sake, that they get some moisture soon.

Oh, and Enzo learned how to say bye-bye this week!  He even gives a wave.  It’s pretty stinking cute.

Happy Friday!



Play date!

We hope your weekend was fabulous!  Claire and I were at volleyball all day on Saturday at her tournament in Salem.  The girls did good, they were a little slow to get going in the morning pool play so they ended up playing in the consolation bracket for the afternoon.  But they won that, taking 5th place overall.  There were some great games where they played awesome, and Claire did amazing!  She is really getting strong at the net, gaining confidence in her hitting ability and blocking the ball!  I love to watch her!  And her serves were really consistent, out of the 5 games they played she only missed 2 serves.  Those are long days, we usually leave the house before the sun is up and get home long after the sun has gone down.  So I left Enzo at home with his Daddy for the day.  I missed him, but he had a blast with Daddy all to himself.

Yesterday, I took Enzo out to a friend’s house in Hillsboro for a group baby play date.  When I was pregnant with Enzo, there were also about 12 other girls in the Design department who were expecting.  So it was really fun to keep in touch with a few of those friends and compare Mommy notes.   Here are four of those adorable babies (including Enzo)…

Lucas (May 13th), Issabella (April 15th), Enzo (February 20th) and Sawyer (February 24th)

Enzo is the oldest and also the least mobile of the four, but also the most vocal.  What can I say?  He just isn’t in a hurry to get around on his own, but he has a lot to say about it.  Sawyer is walking, and the other two are crawling and walking along furniture.  Issy tried to take a few steps on her own while we were there, so she is really close.  Enzo enjoyed using her walker, which prompted me to try and find one for him.


I didn’t find this exact one, and I might end up taking it back.  What I liked about the one that Issy has is that the weight is distributed in such a way that the baby controls whether it moves or not.  The one I picked up yesterday is pretty lightweight, so the first thing Enzo did was pull it back on top of himself because he weighs more than it does.  What I also like about the one pictured above is that the handle grows with baby.  So it can adjust as they get taller.  I know he doesn’t have much farther to go before he is walking and maybe it’s not worth buying a new toy that he’ll maybe use for a month.  But there is baby #2 on the way who could also get some use out of it.  The brand of the one above is Little Tikes, but it’s no longer being produced so I may have to search out one that’s at least made by that brand because they obviously know what they are doing.

After about an hour, Issy and her Daddy left to go get their photos taken.  So the boys enjoyed playing, and crawling over each other, oh and eating snacks!  Lori (our gracious host Mama) brought out some yogurt snacks, and puffs and the boys were like little voltures circling around her.  It was pretty cute.

Lucas giving Enzo some friendly pats, and then Enzo patted his own head I guess to show Lucas that he already knew how to do that?


Sawyer, such a big boy!



It was really nice to catch up with the girls and hear their stories about motherhood so far.  I hope we can make this a regular event, because I think it’s really good for Enzo to have this interaction with other littles his size!

Thanks Lori for hosting, you are always so kind to do so!

*here are some outtakes from the group shot, I love how Enzo doesn’t really move through the whole thing, while Issy and Lucas were ready to bail off the couch!






Haha…oh babies!

Happy Monday!



Enzo – 1 year!

12 months old!

One year ago, I still can’t believe it, our lives were forever changed by the birth of this sweet little man.  I will always cherish the intimate details of that day, sharing it with my close friends Brandee and Sascha and feeling the incredible strength and love from my husband as I labored through the night and morning and then pushed for 3 1/2 grueling hours.   It was all worthwhile when my eyes met those baby blues, making the beautiful connection between mother and son, a love like no other in this world.

Mommy accessory = drool on her sleeve <3

Do you remember when he was this tiny?

just a peanut!

Neither do I!

In honor of our boy turning one year old, we threw a huge party and invited all of our friends and family.  We reserved the upstairs at the Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, because we love that place for eating out (they have a great children’s menu and play area).  And it couldn’t have been more perfect!  From the start, speaking with Bobbie and making our reservations, to the day of when our server Micah was there with superior customer service and patience (we crammed a lot of guests, including about 20 children, into that little place!).  It was chaos, but it was super fun chaos and the adorable kiddos helped keep him smiling I’m sure! I was really bummed when my good camera again decided to stop working a few days before, so forgive the poor quality of the photos, I did the best I could.  In hindsight, I wish I would’ve hired a professional (friend) to take pictures.  Regretfully I did not get enough shots of the party guests, because I was just too busy doing my best to mingle with all of them!

Here was the invitation:


Details of the party:



Enzo's personal applesauce cake

favors for the littles

I made all the little guests a special take-away.  The boys got bow ties, and the girls got hair bows.  My favorite part was when some of the little girls decided to take bow ties instead and wore them during the party!  Soooooooooo adorable!!

Birthday boy:

So dapper!

Claire and her little bro

3 generations of Ritchie men!

No, you aren’t seeing double, that is Mark with his Uncle Chuck on the left, and his Dad on the right!

I made an applesauce cake for Enzo, so that I could control the amount of sugar he ingested.  He didn’t end up eating too much of it, which surprised me.  I think there was just too much going on around him.  The night before I had given him a piece of it to make sure he didn’t have any allergic reactions, so as not to ruin the party the next day with a red faced vomiting birthday boy.  Nothing happened, except that he inhaled the cake!  He was loving it.   So I figured he’d dive right in when given the chance at his party.

Patiently waiting, while everyone was singing him the birthday song...


...oh yeah, get some!

I wish that I had more photos of our lovely guests, here are a few that I did get:

Scott and Roslyn


Sam seriously working on her puzzle...


Raine <3


Enzo and his buddy Mike


Ebin, Ethan and Evan


Ebin in full regalia!


Aaron (with one of his twin boys) and Mark


sweet kiddos!


Julie and Evan


Raine and Enzo = best buds!


Claire and Enzo = <3

I can’t say enough thanks to accurately explain how grateful we are to all of our friends and family for making the day so incredibly perfect!  We love you all, and it’s been amazing to share our family with you.




Happy Birthday Enzo!

Sunday we celebrated with family and friends that one year ago our lives were blessed with this little munchkin!

THANK YOU for those who attended, it was such a special day! I hope to do a larger post with pictures in the next couple days for those who are interested in the details!

Until then, enjoy the above video, it seemed that Enzo knew he was going to have a party yesterday so he woke up ready to smile!



Melt my heart.




Enzo – 11 months!

I’m incredibly late with this post – it seems that the past couple weeks have been super busy and my to-do list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  So let me do this so I can cross it off the list!


Our big boy is a month away from turning ONE YEAR OLD!  Holy cow, time fleeeeeeew by.  Everyone says it does, and everyone is right.  I am way behind on his baby book, I don’t believe I have written an entry since 9 months?  Maybe 8.  Ugh.  And I have big plans for putting together a photo album in time for his birthday bash, but it’s coming up on me quickly so I’m not sure I’m going to have time.  It’s a goal, we’ll see.

He looks worried

Enzo is really starting to be interested in walking.  He will walk all over the place and lead the way if you are holding onto his hands.  And he is also comfortable with standing for a few seconds on his own!  I try to place him against things, like the couch or chair or recently the plastic storage bin my dolls are in, so he can hang on to it unassisted.  Tonight he was standing against the box and then started to walk around it and reached out his arms to come towards me.  It almost worked.  He plopped on his butt and then was mad.  Speaking of mad, he wasn’t really in the mood for the photo shoot the other day, here is his mad face…


He is eating lots of different things now, trying new flavors and textures.  He likes to do it himself, finger foods, so I try to think of things that he can easily get into his mouth.  Like bananas, easy.   But little macaronis, not easy.  I’m learning.

Most importantly, he’s SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  I know.  It’s amazing, and I’m so happy it’s finally happened.  I really think Mark taking the lead and getting up with him those two nights started him on the right path.  And then we let him cry it out and he does so good.  For example, this evening we put him down at 6:30pm and he cried for maybe a minute.  And he will sleep now until about 6am.  I KNOW, RIGHT!!  He does whimper and fuss every now and then but he’s able to soothe himself back to sleep with no help or interference from us.

Now naps, that’s a different story.  He won’t do it.  We used to put him in his swing and he’d be out within five minutes.  Two naps a day, for at least an hour and a half each.  Now, he fights it hard, he refuses to lay back in his swing, he starts crying as soon as he knows you are putting him down for a nap.  But today he really needed to sleep, so I literally drove him around for two hours, parking every once in awhile, just so he could get some rest.  We are both fighting colds right now, so I knew it was important that he take a nap.  Otherwise I would’ve done like every other day and deal with the 40 minutes (maybe, if I’m lucky) he’ll nap.  Ah well, I guess we traded one for the other.  So I’ll take the 12 hours at night, and keep fighting to get the naps back on track.

He’s such a fun and happy little boy, and every day he makes me gush with love.  I am so excited to celebrate his first birthday with our friends and family.  It will be a great party!

Hope you are well!



Sleep, part three

Have you been wondering how our adventure in sleepland is going with Enzo?  Well, allow me to update you! 

On Saturday Mark suggested that he be the one to get up with Enzo all night, so that he didn’t have the option to nurse.  So we gave that a shot.  Mark spent most the night walking a crying baby around the house, and they spent some time in the recliner watching Blue Planet on the TV.  He put him to sleep in the swing every time he got him to doze off.  I didn’t get much more sleep than they did, doing my best to follow them around the house without letting Enzo see or hear me.  There were several times when I just wanted to give up and say “give him to me, I’ll nurse him!”.  But somehow I managed to stick to the plan.  And he went all night without nursing, and was happy to have his Mommy back when he woke up at 5:30am.  At that point I nursed him and put him back to sleep for a couple hours.  That was Night #1.

Night #2 went a little better.  He still did some walking and this time they watched Disney’s Oceans, but Enzo cried less and was able to go without nursing all night again.  But he slept in his swing again, which wasn’t a habit we wanted to start forming. 

So Monday I was determined to do some sleep training with him laying down for naps, in the hopes that it would transfer over to his nighttime routine.  So I moved the co-sleeper into his room, next to his crib (it’s getting a little cramped in there with all this furniture, but whatever).  I tried to let him “cry it out” with the first nap and surprisingly he only cried for about five minutes and then he laid there quiet for another twenty minutes before falling asleep.  I was so happy!  Unfortunately though he only stayed asleep for a half hour.  Boo.  So I tried putting him in his swing and he slept again for an hour and a half.   I tried the co-sleeper again for an afternoon nap but he was scream-crying (as I like to call it, you know, the kind of cry where if you didn’t know better you’d think he was being tortured?) so I promptly picked him up.  Which meant no nap for baby. 

At bedtime we were determined to make this happen.  I did the normal bedtime routine, bottle and nurse him (if he wanted to, sometimes he does and sometimes he just wants the bottle), then I rocked him in  my arms and he fell fast asleep.  But the second that I laid him in the sleeper, he was wide awake and crying.  But I left the room anyway and we let him cry it out, which only took about 20 minutes or so and then fell asleep.  He awoke shortly after 11pm, I had already been in bed asleep and Mark had just come to bed, so he went in and gave Enzo a few pats and made sure he had his binkie, then Mark came back to bed.  He cried for a little bit, not really all that serious though because I fell asleep.  When I woke up and realized the house was silent and Mark was sleeping next to me, I checked the time on my phone and it read 1:13am.  Apparently he had worked it out on his own and gone back to sleep!  He fussed a bit again about an hour later and we contemplated whether to go in there and repeat what Mark did earlier (reassure him with a few pats and make sure he has a binkie) or just let him try to work it out.  We waited a few minutes and his cries were starting to get serious so Mark went in (pat pat here’s your binkie) And then Enzo fussed a bit for another 10 minutes and fell back to sleep.  And he slept until 6:10am.  So he didn’t leave his sleeper all night long, and just needed to be reassured once the two times he woke up.  Progress!

Tonight he cried for a little longer at bedtime.  Even though he was asleep in my arms when I went to lay him down, the second his body touched the bed he was up and angry!  I finally ran myself a hot bath and hoped he’d be asleep before I got out.  And he was.  I am hoping that the rest of the night goes even better.  Maybe Mark won’t have to go in the room at all.  We are holding off on having me go in and do the consoling because he seems to get more agitated when it’s me.  Probably because he knows that he could be nursing.  Daddy doesn’t have anything he wants, haha.  You know, I mean, besides love. 

So that’s where we are at.  My goal is to get him to the point where I just lay him down awake and he knows what to do and can fall asleep with minimal to no crying.  In a perfect world.  This will be very beneficial to me because starting next week, I am going to be a Nanny!  My next adventure!  More on that later…


P.S.  I’d like to give a special shout out to my awesome Father-in-Law Bill!  Today is his birthday and we wish him the happiest!  Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bill!