Weekend recap

Again, it was a busy one!  But we seem to keep having those, and as my calendar keeps filling up it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon.  Which is EXACTLY how I want it to be.

As many of you faithful readers know, I am now working.  A company called Vault Denim has now taken up all my spare time (you know, the time that is not spent caring for my children, like nap times and after they go to bed).  I am learning how to become a super salesman, but I don’t think it’s going to be difficult since the product sells itself – DESIGNER JEANS.  It’s a no-brainer really.  We live in Oregon, the climate is one where you can wear denim 12 months out of the year.  So as long as there are people with the desire to look super fabulous in denim, I have the means to provide that for them.  It’s a part-time job, but one that I can easily earn a full-time income doing.  Not yet, of course, there is still a lot to learn and prepare and learn.  Haha.  But I do love to learn new things, and I accept this challenge head-on!

I had my first public event on Sunday, so I spent all week preparing for it – printing materials, learning the brands, reading tips on how to have a good presence in front of people who have never heard of Vault Denim before.  A fellow consultant created an awesome banner design and I had it printed locally.  I purchased an adorable pink changing room tent and UPS lost the first one, so the company overnight shipped another one for me and then the other one showed up – in other words, I now have two!  Which is perfect for when I am doing a huge event and there are several people needing to try on jeans at the same time.  By the time Friday night rolled around I felt pretty good with my setup.

Saturday morning I woke up and went over to my Mom’s to help her brainstorm ideas on my sister’s wedding dress.  She has the corset style top almost finished, it’s beautiful.  Now she is starting to work on the skirt and bustle and so it was fun helping her come up with ideas on how to incorporate all the fun fabrics they have purchased.  It’s going to be perfect!

Then Enzo and I ran a few errands, looking for some last minute items for my booth setup.  Mark worked in the yard and had it looking beautiful since we were having a Mother’s Day barbecue for our Mom’s the next evening.  I have to say, our yard is really looking nice so far this summer.  Way better than previous years.  It’s nice to be home and have the time to actually care about it.

I had a bridal shower for my friend Heather to attend that evening, it was fun to see some beautiful ladies that I used to work with at Columbia, and catch up a bit.  And to celebrate the lovely bride-to-be.  I am so excited for her and Josh and their wedding on Mt. Shasta!  Enzo helped me wrap the gift…

ribbon wizard

Then I ran over to Vancouver to pick up the inventory of jeans.  Phew!  One very productive day!

Enzo decided to sleep in on Sunday, as my Mother’s Day gift I guess, but unfortunately I was wide awake at 6am thinking about all I had to do that day for my event!  But it was still nice of him.  Mark made yummy breakfast burritos and Claire and I packed up all the stuff and headed over to Woodlawn Park where we met up with my Mom.  Portland Sunday Parkways was hosting a fun day in the park where they encourage people to bike, walk or run on their route and enjoy park festivities afterward.  We set up in the driveway of our friend Julie, which wasn’t on the route but it was close by.  Unfortunately it was a pretty quiet area and we didn’t get too many folks walking by.  Still, it was a good experience setting up and realizing what I needed to make it better next time.  It was definitely not a waste of time.  And I got to spend the day with my Mom and my daughter, definitely something I love to do!  And of course, Mark and Enzo stopped by to say hello…

My set up


taking the baby on a walk


say Hi Enzo!

And then Mark made a delicious barbecue dinner, including the best potato salad I have ever eaten (and it was his first time!).  Yum!!  Thanks to my amazing husband for making my Mother’s Day special, I love you!

I hope all of you Mom’s out there had a wonderful day as well and were treated as the superheroes you are!